Hurtie Beetle Show Bag - Davo's Flash Black Tee

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Here it is cunts - The Hurtie Beetle Show Bag - Presented by.....

David The Robot / Sunday.s Manufacture Co / Ryan One Tattoo


1x A4 Flash sheet embossed and signed by David the Robot, printed by Few and Far Studio (please note there are 2 variants picked at random)

Core Nylon packable snap tote bag with key ring accessory

Davo's Flash Tee
Black Colour
Core Cut - Made in USA
220gsm 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton
Screen printed at the studio on front and back

Hurtie Beetle Pin - Double Clutch, 38 x 43mm

Sticker Pack - 3 vinyl stickers - Hurtie Beetle, Squirty Beetle and Macrons (all 80mm tall).